Bob Sparra:

Robert P. Sparra is founder and President of Insurance Sales Principles, Inc. established in 1983 as a teaching/training company.

Mr. Sparra is a nationally recognized leader in the sales field. He began his career with extensive training in manufacturing and sales for an international paper company. Headquartered in New York City, he opened new accounts in the United States and Canada. In less than four years, Bob took a marginal territory from $925,000 in sales to $2,500,000 annually. He was the number one salesperson in the company for two years.

In 1972, he ventured into life insurance sales with Connecticut General Life Insurance Company; he specialized in estate planning for business owners and professionals. In his first year, Bob doubled his personal goal and became “Rookie of the Year”, the number one salesman for the state of Georgia. For ten years at Connecticut General, he was ranked in the top 5% of the field force.

Then Bob went into management with National Life of Vermont. He inherited one agent who was about to leave the business. Bob convinced this agent to try new techniques; the agent’s sales were greater in that single month than they had been in any 12-month period for the previous 3 years.

Mr. Sparra recruited and trained new agents. His first recruit earned membership in the company’s highest sales club in just four months. Agents began to flock to Bob for training; many of them continue to be high-ranking personal producers today.

Insurance Sales Principles grew out of Bob’s success in training. He recognized the need for well-trained professionals. Bob now trains and consults for first line companies nationwide.

He established ISP in 1983, once the state of Georgia mandated training. Since 1983, ISP has provided certified continuing education training.

The Georgia Society of CPA’s, the International Board of Standards and Practices for Certified Financial Planners, as well as stock brokerages and insurance companies use Insurance Sales Principles’ continuing education courses.

Mr. Sparra holds a NASD Series 7 license. He has the capability to design custom classes. Bob is results-oriented and puts logical sales ideas into practical applications. The Atlanta Journal describes him as “teaching the art of sizzling sales”. The Robinson-Humphrey Company calls Bob “a leader in this area”.

Insurance Sales Principles provides some of the finest training classes in the market today.